Valve / valve is a device / device that regulates, directs or controls the flow of a liquid (gas, liquid, fluidized solids) by opening, closing, or closing part of the flow path.Valve / valve in everyday life, the most obvious is the water pipe, such as a tap for water. Other familiar examples include gas control valves on the stove, small valves installed in the bathroom and many more.Valves play an important role in industrial applications ranging from drinking water transportation as well as to controlling ignition in rocket engines.Valve (Valve) can be operated manually, either by the handle, pedal lever and others. Besides being able to be operated manually a valve / valve can also be operated automatically by using the principle of changing the flow of pressure, temperature etc. These changes can affect the diaphragm, spring or piston which in turn activates the valve automatically.VALVE / VALVE FUNCTIONVarious types of valves, along with their respective usage criteria. The following are the main valve functions:1. To close and open flow on condition, when open it has a minimum flow resistance and pressure loss. For example: gate, ball, plug and butterfly valve.2. To regulate the flow, by holding the flow with a change in direction or using an obstacle can also be a combination of both.3. To prevent back flow, usually using a check valve (lift check and swing check). This valve will remain open and will close when there is a flow in the opposite direction.4. To regulate pressure, in some valve applications, line pressure must be reduced to reach the desired pressure. Usually use a pressure-reducing valve or regulator.5. For pressure relief by using a relief valve and safety valve. Relief valve is used to overcome when there is excessive pressure that can disrupt the flow process and even process failure. While the safety valve uses spring loaded, this valve will open if the pressure exceeds a predetermined limit.Valve Type:The following are types of valves with their characteristics and ways of working:Gate ValveThis type is designed to open and close the flow by means of a tightly closed and fully open so that the valve is not suitable for regulating flowrate because it is less accurate in terms of controlling the amount of flow.Valve PlugHas the same function as a gate valve that is to close or open the flow as a whole. However, some of these valve applications are used to control the flow as in gas flow.Ball ValveThis type can be operated on fluid temperature -450 ° F to -500 ° F, ball valve is a type of quick opening valve that only requires 1/4 turn from fully closed to fully open position.Globe valveFlow in the valve changes direction so as to produce a fairly large friction even in a state of wide open. This type of valve is quite important when used for tight closure, especially in gas flow.Needle ValveBasically, this type is used on instruments, gages and meter line services. This valve can be used for throtling very accurately and can also be used at high pressure and high temperatures.Diaphragm ValveThis valve has the advantage of having a calm flow and the fluid will flow without a hitch, this type is very good for flow control and very tight flow closing even though the pipeline contains suspended solid. Diaphragm valves are suitable for corrosive fluids, viscous materials, fibrous materials, sludges, solids in suspension, gas and compressed air.Butterfly ValveA low pressure valve with a very simple design that is used to control and regulate the flow, to fully open and fully closed it only needs 1/4 rotation.Check valvethis type is designed to prevent backflow, check valve consists of several types such as lift check, swing check and ball check.Pressure Relife ValveThis type is classified as a safety valve, used to prevent overpressure in the piping process system and prevent equipment damage. There are two types of safety valves, namely relief valves and pop valves, both types can open quickly. Relief valves are used to relieve excess pressure while pop valves are used for high pressure applications. However, these two types should not be used if the fluid is corrosive, involves back-pressure, involves pressure control or bypass valve.We, PT. Haitek Cipta Berlian is a distributor / supplier that sells cheap valve, the most complete choice of various types and the best valve brands. We provide types of valves such as Marine Valve, Globe Valve, Gate Valve, Ball Valve, Safety Valve, Butterfly Valve, Check Valve, Pressure Reducing Valve, and other types at the price of the cheapest distributors and suppliers. Buy a cheap price valve now through our center for valve sales for shipping throughout Indonesia for all your needs. Contact us immediately who provides a list of the latest valve prices from our supplier / distributor valve in Indonesia with the most competitive price options from various brands and the most complete types.

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