Safety Valve

PT. Haitek Cipta Berlian is a distributor / supplier that sells valve brand Ari Armaturen. We sell valves from armaturen with the type of Safety Valve Ari Armature, Ari Faba Globe Valve Ari Armaturen, Ari Premio Control Valve Ari Armaturen, Ari Armaturen Pressure Reducing Valve and other types of valves.A safety valve is a valve whose mechanism of action automatically releases substances from the boiler, pressure vessel, or a system, when the pressure or temperature exceeds a predetermined limit.How the Pressure Safety Valve works:The safety valve has three main parts, namely the inlet, outlet and spring set. The pressurized fluid is at the PSV inlet. PSV closes position as long as the fluid pressure is less than the spring pressure in the spring set. Conversely, if the fluid pressure is higher than the spring set pressure, the spring set will move up and open the valve which will release pressure through the outlet until the maximum fluid pressure is equal to the spring set pressure.Safety Valve is used to prevent excessive pressure on the piping process system and prevent equipment damage. There are two types of safety valve, namely relief valve and pop valve, these two types can open quickly. Relief valve is used to relieve excess pressure while pop valve is used for high pressure flow. However, these two types should not be used if the fluid is corrosive, involves back-pressure, involves pressure control or a bypass valve.

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