Flow Meter

Flow meter is one of the measuring devices used to measure the flow rate or the amount of a moving fluid flowing in a closed pipe or open channel such as a channel or river or ditch or sewer.
Use of the flowmeter as the simplest flowmeter definition and in accordance with technological advances The function of the flow meter is well known and is growing rapidly in accordance with the objectives, benefits and functions of its installation. The type of fluid that passes through or is measured by a flow meter can be liquid, gas or solid such as mium water, waste water, mud water, milk, honey, soy sauce, chemical contamination, sugar water, cake batter, concrete, powder, grain and other ingredients .
The application of flow meters is widely used to measure the flow character in the form of flow velocity, flow capacity and volume or it can also be calculated in mass flow in the form of fluid weight. The choice of type and model of the flow meter depends on the application that is adjusted to the purpose, benefits, difficulty of the installation and the desired accuracy. Because of that, engineering of flow meter installation is needed in order to get optimal benefits, to match the investment spent.

Flow Meter Function
Flow meters have functions to:
• Knowing the Speed ​​of Flow (Velocity) with the unit distance / time
• Unit of measurement: (meters / minute, meters / second etc.)
• Know the Flow Capacity in the pipeline
• Unit of measurement: (LPS, LPM, LPH, M3 / H, M3 / Minute, GPM, GPH etc.
• Know the Total Volume that has flowed (Totalizer)
• Unit Units: m3, liters, gallons etc.
• Control or monitor with analog output output: 4-20mA, pulses, RS485, relay contact and others.

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