Flexible Joint

Flexible Joint is one of the components in the water piping installation network which has a very important role. The Flexible Joint function is used as a tolerant for the pressure of the air entering the pipe. With the flexible joint applied to water pipe connections, if piping components such as valves, reducers, and pump installations will be installed after maintenance or inspection, there will be no difficulty because the flexible joint is a connection that can provide flexibility in the pipe. This Flexible Joint serves to reduce the strain of the pipe so that there is no fracture that results in the rupture of the pipe. Installation of flexible joints is usually at the end of the pipe to anticipate pipe strain.Flexible joint has various functions and advantages as follows:Reducing the pressure or contraction arising from the condition of the passing fluid or gas.Reducing vibrations that occur in the connection pipe through which a liquid or gas is passed.Reducing the occurrence of noise.Reducing the occurrence of faults or leaks due to shifts between pipes.Can be installed in a simple way.Can be installed in narrow or difficult areas such as crossing or corners.Using materials that can be adapted to the needs such as foodgrade, chemical resistance to heat resistance, high pressure resistance, etc.Not conductive.

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