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Rubber Fire Hose
Rubber Fire Hose
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Specification of Rubber Fire Hose

Rubber Fire Hose

Rubber fire hose (Rubber Fire Hose) is a hose that serves to extinguish fires. In buildings this hose is usually stored in a hydrant box, so that if at any time needed it can be accessed easily.

For the placement of fire protection in the room (indoor) usually use a 1.5 inch hose size. For outdoor protection (outdoor) use a larger size that is 2.5 inches. Whereas the length is usually available in sizes of 20 meters and 30 meters.

Rubber Fire Hose: Using high quality rubber so it is suitable for use in fire extinguisher in the project environment in a company.

Size available canvas fire hose is as follows:

  • 1.5" x 20 Meters
  • 1.5" x 30 Meters
  • 2" x 20 Meters
  • 2" x 30 Meters
  • 2.5" x 20 Meters
  • 2.5" x 30 Meters

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